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A stainless steel coffee filter for the AeroPress

Metal filters have appeared in AeroPress and World Barista Championships and are widely considered the best way to make a great coffee with your AeroPress

Paper filters soak up lots of delicious oils from your coffee instead of letting them through into your perfect brew like metal filters do

It's also better for your wallet and the environment in the long term because you won't be throwing anything but grounds away with each cup (and we suggest putting those on your roses)


We've tried all the other filters and thought we could do better... so we did

After plenty of research we determined that the perfect hole size for AeroPress filers is 0.15mm. This allows the smallest of fines through to give a perfect espresso texture without allowing any larger particles through to make your coffee gritty

We wanted to support British industry and provide the highest quality product so all our filters are proudly made in the UK

We work exclusively with one manufacturer who have proven themselves to be capable of delivering the highest standard of product at a price that's easy on your wallet


  • Metal filter for AeroPress
  • 62mm in diameter
  • 402 Food grade stainless steel
  • 0.15mm diameter filter holes
  • 100% made in the UK
  • Easy to clean
  • Better cuppa

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